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VIP Clients
N.Aridi Mansion (Canada) Castle Restoration in Paris His Highness M. Gergawi Swimming Pool Private Steam Room & Pool Mosaics Our Mosaics are installed in Prestigious Museums Royal Academy of Music Floor (London) Replicating Ancient Mosaic Floors The Royal Academy of Music - London Harley Davidson N.Aridi Mansion (Canada) H & M Castle Entrance In Dubai VIP 7 Minister Sehnaoui's Patio Jurys Clifton Ford Hotel Private Steam Room & Pool Mosaics Gift to the King of Saudi Arabia
Our Clients, Our Pride

We are very proud of our selection of international and regional clients, for whom we’ve catered, over the years. These include:

Brembat di Sopra Coloseum - Rome
Casino Mulino- The second largest casino in Europe
Deputy Hadi Hbeish- Lebanon
Dubai Execution office
Lebanon National Museum
Maryland Seal- USA
Minister Suleiman Frangieh - Lebanon
Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Ghosn- Lebanon
Mr. Mohamed El Gergawi- the vice ruler of Dubai
Harrods London
Oger International
Oprah Winfrey
Prince Charles Homeopathic Hospital
Princess Alia of Jordan
Royal Academy of Music- London
The Brands Mall
The Hilton Hotels
The President of Congo
UAE’s Defense Minister

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